Kenya’s BraceScript is a new programming language for kids


13892092_701298710017359_6761033235018521324_nKennedy Kanyi, a former JKUAT student currently running Oneplace Technologies has launched BraceScript, a second level programming language targeted at kids to help them learn programming.


According to Kanyi, “BraceScript approaches programming concepts from a simple and fun to do point. The kids get to learn the importance of syntax as they enjoy creating things and drawing images and animations through code.”

Kanyi says that being a second level programming language, BraceScript rides on first level language frameworks like Python and Javascript and is basically simple syntax emulating complex syntax of first level languages simplified to help kids understand computer programming easily and fast.

Kanyi adds that Oneplace Technologies is working hard to develop more and more syntax to get as many kids interested in programming as possible.

Kanyi has now started Brace Kids, an initiative to teach kids between 7-17 years old how to code or write computer software using BraceScript. Brace Kids charges Ksh 999 ($99.9) for an online account to access BraceScript as well as to fund their plans to build a hub for kids.
BraceScript, at the moment, aims to help kids use simple commands  to draw, write, animate and even play media files. Kanyi says the firm has plans to publish SMS, Voice and USSD end points where kids can use simple commands to trigger LIVE calls, SMS and deploy LIVE USSD systems.