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How is the new Samsung S3 Gear watch

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Most people who own a S2 would flaunt it endlessly. As a matter of fact when it came out it was a hit. The watch wowed many tech lovers as well as analog watch fans mostly because of its practicality and sleek design. As usual Samsung is not stopping with their electronics they have now decided to amaze us with a new watch series. So is this new watch better than the last one? and who is the target audience? when it comes to watches people mostly choose one based on their personality. some want an elegant, classic look while others want a rugged one.
Although in my opinion the target audience for the new S3 series are the businessmen. The kind that are mostly comfortable in a suit. Note that there is the S3 Frontier which is not a Classic, that one is mainly for an outdoor kind of person; the kind that is all about the outdoor life. In comparison to the original Gear S2 classic these new watches are much larger. If you are into bigger watches then this is the perfect make for you. it was a bit of a surprise that Samsung went for a bigger watch than its usual smaller ones. Something else to love about the S3 is that you can swim with it without worrying because its waterproof for as long as 30 minutes. The steel of the S3 Frontier is coated with a dark color, while the Classic is more sleek , shinier with silvery steel finish.
when it comes to the designs of both the S3 Frontier and Classic both watches have two buttons and a rotating bezel. Although the Classic has more buttons than the Frontier. The Frontier buttons are flat while the Classic buttons are more like analog watches. If you want to change your watch strap for these Gears, Samsung as usual has beautiful leather straps designed for these watches. The coolest thing about this watch is the fact that you no longer have to download watch faces from your phone, you can now download directly from your smart watch. it’s amazing how these watches look so traditional yet they are completely digital. But the fact remains for me that these watches are more masculine than feminine. Unlike the small S2 Gear watch, this watch appears to be obviously masculine.
But aside from the gender issue the S3 Gear has fantastic apps. With the features in the watch you can view your step count or call an Uber. For a while it has been a challenge to find good apps on a smart watch but these new watches have it all under control. You can simply walk without a phone and you would be fine. For music lovers you were not left behind; Spotify partnered with Samsung so that you can now stream to the Gear S3. If you do not have an internet connection, you can take advantage of the 4GB of storage on the watch. You may worry about the battery life considering all the apps it will have. Samsung assures us that the battery life should last 3-4 days on charge and after that it will switch to saving mode and just show you time without any other activity. It is just a phone only that it will be on your wrist. It is definitely worth buying.

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