Google Drive Gets Smarter Features for its Search Tab


Google Drive is getting an upgrade, being that its search tab will work similarly to Google’s search engine. The upgrades include a natural language processor, allowing you to search for files when typing more realistic wording, similar to how you speak. That said, it doesn’t seem Google will just automatically provide you the results; instead it just rephrases your query into a more specific one that will find the items you’re looking for.

Also the notorious but necessary auto correct is provided, which suggests spelling mistakes found in your search terms that start with the “Did you mean…” line that we’re so familiar with from Google Search.

The former addition seems to be a feature recognized by Google due to several voice-powered queries when interacting with apps and web services that may just be enhanced in future. For now however, it may be easier when using voice-to-text input in lieu of typing.

Google while discussing the new query method stated that when using the natural language processor (NLP), you can search your Google Drive by stating “find my budget spreadsheet from last December” or “show me presentations from Anissa”. Google promises that the feature will improve over time with more frequent use, allowing you to easily access any document in your drive, as quickly as possible.

Other features include changes seen in Google Docs, due to user feedback requests. One will now be able to split a document into multiple columns by clicking the new “Columns” option seen under the “Format” menu. Also, available once clicking “Revision History” menu, one using Google Docs can now automatically save a copy of the non-Google file they open, convert and edit in Docs, Sheets and Slides in its original format.

For a search company, Google can be pretty bad at implementing good search in its products such as Hangouts, so this upgrade is most welcome.

These features were rolled out on Google Drive very recently worldwide, however if you don’t see any changes, you should see them appear after a little while.