Why Smart City Should Not Limit To Just Technology


Digitalization is reaching to the next level every now and then with great ideas and confident implementation, but would those aim to be the only part in the making of smart city. Usually we view the interconnection of services available like energy, transport and other utilities while thinking of the foundation of smart city.

High-speed data connection as well as smart sensors is not the only things that make connectivity work. In there are other unseen aspects too and those need to be implemented while planning to make a city smart. There need to be set of policies to govern such smart systems that are offered by telco giants.

Proper business models are required along with good market structures and almost perfect ecosystems to cooperate with each and every aspects of smart city foundation.

If believed to the Dubai Government statement earlier, the transformation of a city to smart city is not about technology, but it is about happiness of citizens and residents.

Dubai has outlined a plan to become a smart city by 2021.

Several pillars shoulder smartness in way of life and those include living conditions, the environment where one lives, mobility, governance, people or the general mass in the city and of course the ICT infrastructure (Information and Communication Technology).

It is not to forget here solutions could be achieved and fundamental platform can be made to build smart city if the city can achieve effective ICT policy and regulations.

From economy point of view it is important businesses are generated as well as imported in smart city to keep it free from financial and employment crisis. The city mayor or the state government should help in the flourishing of digital innovation led by young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Investors will be more attracted on such policies and pool of experts will groom up to spur smart city growth.

Government should be concerned smart city cannot be either measured by technological capacity alone, neither by the development of just huge parks, big malls and skyscrapers. In fact happiness should be added at the heart of the smart city strategy.

If the mass is happy, smart cit, smart home, connected car, use of drones for agriculture, health care connected to smart devices and other areas will sound good and look satisfactory.

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