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How to tell if your iPhone is Genuine

Everybody wants an iPhone, it emulates a kind of prestige. Apple has done an amazing job of growing the esteemed reputation of the brand. Its definitely not an inexpensive phone-the cheapest being an iPhone 4 going for about Kshs 13,000-so once you pull out the big bucks, you’d like to ensure it isn’t fake. Here are a few ways to know if you’re the proud owner of a genuine iPhone;

Physical Indicators;

  • An original iPhone would use a pentalobe security screw, which from its name, has five lobes that offer a tamper proof system, fake iPhones usually use normal cross screws. To ensure yours is genuine, check that the number of lobes found in the screws inserted below the phone, next to the speakers, reach five.
  • Ensure that the sleep/wake buttons is on the top right of the phone, while the two volume buttons are on the upper left side. If they aren’t where they should be, then consider it fake.
  • Obviously, you need to check for the iPhone logo, being an apple, behind the phone, if it’s not there, then it’s 100% fake.
  • If the welcome screen, states words such as “welcome”, once you turn it on, then it’s not legit. A real iPhone simply displays its logo.
  • If the font comes with Chinese characters, with you needing to configuring your phone to enable English settings, that’s a red flag.
  • An iPhone can only hold one sim card, any more, and it’s not a real iPhone.

Performance indicators

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  • If the camera quality is sucky, it’s not a real iPhone, iPhones generally capture fantastic pictures. The low quality could be attributed to a cheaper camera inserted into the phone.
  • Quickly scroll your screens to the left then right, an iPhone isn’t genuine if it slows down or lags during its quick scroll.

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