Indian startup Blink introduces most impressive smartwatch in the market



There was a time I would never have imagined a competitive smart watch market. I thought Apple and Samsung would end up being the final best but now it seems there is a new competitor is town. An Indian company introduced a new smartwatch known as Blink. The new watch is a multi-featured gadget that brings different elements from other smartwatches. The blink was developed in Bangalore and has so far become a hit. Having a classy watch is what everyone needs but having a traditional looking one is even better. This is exactly what this new watch offers, a traditional looking watch that has the best features.

When you look at it, it may look like any other watch but it has a lot within it. It has a stainless body that you can wear with either a leather or stainless strap. What kind of a smartwatch would you have if it had a low resolution? I think a pathetic one. Blink, has a high resolution that would surely not disappoint and glass that is also well protected by a Gorilla Glass 3 coating. With any good watch that is made, consultation is key; this is why Blink worked with Titan and HMT for the designing and manufacturing.  The collaboration of great Bluetooth that has a 4.0 LE and 1GB RAM is what every watch needs for smooth operation.  Most smartwatches have low battery life, although this new watch is said to have a two day battery life.

Just like Samsung Gear it has a rotating bezel user interface. The most amazing thing is the fact that they managed to create their own operating system that is based on android but does not run on Google’s. It can also be paired to your phone and automatically syncs your calendars events as well as alarm to your watch. Keeping in mind that most new devices need internet connectivity to work this new watch has features that do not need internet. One feature that does not need internet is the authentication device which can unlock your devices when your smartwatch is around. If you have the Blink and you want to work out, it will not monitor your fitness activity but it also has a 8GB internal storage where you can store over 1,000 songs.  The Blink comes in either black or silver and can be used with both androids and IOS phones.