Wants to Help Nigerian Students to get International Admissions


In today’s globalised world, it is becoming increasingly important for students to gain an International experience. This helps boost their resume as well as increases networking abilities for students who embrace these opportunities and challenges. With thousands of options available, it can be difficult for students to select the appropriate educational institution for them. A solution to this great educational problem is necessary for students and their parents alike.

SchoolApply, an edTech startup based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has launched a site for Nigerian students. The website allows Nigerian students who want to get into undergraduate and post-graduate university programs, find information on these programs as well as apply.

According to CEO Of SchoolApply Daniel Bjarne,“We are committed and dedicated to helping students around the world get university placements that are perfect for them. Our services are for students who want a competitive edge and want to further their education abroad. SchoolApply will continue to support these students and give them access to the best education which they deserve”

The portal covers over 5000 Universites in Canada, United States, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world. It is available via

To use the website, students are to sign up, select the location of proposed study, choose a specific university or several universities, fill the forms available and apply. They are also required to upload their grades and transcripts to ensure they meet the required grades for admission to those universities. If students face any challenges, the portal has a dedicated Customer Service team that Students can chat with and get assistance to guide them through university application, until they arrive in the classroom. SchoolApply has direct connections with these universities worldwide and does not act like an agent or third party. This gives students the option of emailing their transcripts to one of the education advisors.

SchoolApply is launching its Nigerian portal, months after successfully launching a portal for Indian students. It has its eyes set on other African countries with large youth and student populations.


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