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iPhone device can now detect cancer

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For every iPhone owner, keeping up with the trend can become hard or impossible at times. As the iPhones keep accelerating to new better ones, those left with older iPhones are often left feeling lonely or as if their phones are obsolete at times. But even after the iPhone 7 and 7s are newly in the market, it is without a doubt that there’s one iPhone that has not been left behind. It may not have as many features as the new one but it is surely going to save some lives because it can now detect cancer. A research team from the Washington State university which was led by professor Lei Li has just proved that there is life in the iPhone 5.

The new life saving portable gadget is going to be powered by Apple’s smartphone that can detect cancerous cells in an instant. The device is said to have a 99% accuracy rate, while being able to analyze eight samples all at once. The device will be able to detect particularly human interleukin-6 which is a known marker for prostate, liver, breast, lung as well as epithelial cancers. It will also be using a spectrometer, which measures light spectrum to identify amounts and types of cancers associated with cancerous cell samples.


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