Bubble Tii; Nigeria’s Fun in a Cup


Bubble Tii founded by Tokunbo Sotinwa, is a modern tea cocktail fusion, mobile café. Tokunbo had recently embarked on a journey to establish bubble tea the drink of preference, which launched in July 2015. Ms Sotinwa has been featured on TV stations, dubbing Bubble Tii as a “phoneme” and the “1st mobile lifestyle drink company in Nigeria”.

They have broken all the rules and taking tea to new heights by mixing up unique, exotic and mouth-watering flavors into tea based drinks packed with antioxidants and topped with their famous black pearls. Bubble Tii has brought this unique, fresh and enjoyable drink sensation to Lagos. Their mission is to make bubble tea fashionable one slurp at a time, they welcome all to join this tea revolution. One of the best things about Bubble Tii is that they have a mobile cart lose on the streets of Lagos and they deliver.

The asian inspired drinks are prepared and served in front of the customer within sixty seconds, using fresh fun ingredients. As implied by the Bubble Tii tagline ‘Fun in a Cup’, each serving of Bubble Tii is a taste sensation of freshly brewed tea leaves engulfed in tapioca pearls made-to-order and served hot or iced cold, sealed with our special sealing machine to lock in the flavoured fun and keeping it fresh.

True to the above message a evaluation from review naija  stated quote and quote that Bubble Tii’s “service was prompt as the space was pretty empty. I ordered a medium Caramel Boba and it was ready within minutes….once I mixed it around using my straw, the drink came alive! The tapioca pearls were yummy as well”