MyISP, a little known fiber to the office internet service provider is rolling out into homes


MyISP, a little known corporate internet service provider  is expanding into the home internet market, joining giants like Seacom, Safaricom, Liquid Telecom, Jamii Telecom and Zuku.

Founded in Kenya in 2005 as a hosting and ISP focused to corporate and small office clients, the firm says it’s earned a reputation for fast and stable internet access for corporate customers over the time earning accolades including “fast growing and most innovative ISP2007, 2008 & 2009 and outstanding corporate  ISP 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014. Recently, the firm was named corporate Internet Service Provider 2015.

According to CEO Mr. Tony Karanja, the firm’s new plan is to roll out a full service fiber offering residents in Nairobi in 2017. “We are working with a HD TV content provider to deliver the best content and fast reliable internet to homes within Nairobi area and thereafter move to other counties in the country”.

“Our research shows that consumers have a need to watch HD TV and play online games that need a service that can deliver quality consistently”, the CEO expounded. “Our plan is to offer a multiplay home service at a much lower price than is currently available.

Though not as popular as its competitors, MyISP might actually crack the home internet market if its fiber internet is super-fast, its customer support teams are reliable and if it gets the pricing right not to be swallowed by the Goliaths. Wish them well!