Ubuntu Meal Delivery Services; Delivering Healthier Food Faster


Ubuntu Meal Delivery Services, founded by David Mbuta in August 2015, is a personalized and mobile based meal delivery service that provides communities in areas with high motor vehicle traffic, the widest range in affordable and healthy meals through partnerships with restaurants around the city.

As a company, they realize that the Food Industry has set a false standard. Most Restaurants lose 40% of their prepared meals due to spoilage and generally because people don’t know the awesome and healthy meals prepared by these places. Their model yields less than 3% food waste at their partner restaurants, which ensure you’re getting the freshest meals at the most affordable price and in the shortest time.

In realizing that their communities are ready for an easy, safe, time saving and cost effective way to get a healthy and affordable meal without having to leave their comfort areas, Ubuntu Meal Delivery Services want to bring pure joy to those who don’t want to be stuck in a queue or in traffic and care about where their food comes from, what is in it, how much it costs and if it’s healthy.

All this is achieved through ensuring that they partner with local kitchens and restaurants which include Le Bistro, Kobi, Mike’s Kitchen, Curry in a Hurry, etc who prepare their meals from whole and clean ingredients with a focus on health and sustainable information.