This is how Microsoft has demonstrated its commitment to African innovation


Microsoft has started a tradition for building Africa as a continent. They have started an initiative known as NexTech Africa that is demonstrating in action Microsoft’s commitment to support and invest in African creativity and innovations. Africa as a continent has become the ideal place to explore, experiment and invest in because of its untapped potential. The future of technology in Africa has excited many companies all around the world. Microsoft has been taking notes from local innovators, businesses and technologists on their futuristic views for Africa and their vision for Africa.

The goal of NexTech is to help Microsoft play a role in empowering African creators and innovators by bridging the gap between Microsoft engineers and executives, global business leaders and entrepreneurs on the African continent. As many Africans have lacked useful platforms to support and empower them, Microsoft as a company has been committed to provide the best technology solutions for African technologists. Since February 2013, Microsoft has been actively engaging on the ground to better understand and help shape African innovation for the world. They began with 4Afrika Initiative which was launched to help people achieve more by giving them the best possible tools and skills to make the most of any moment in the mobile –first, cloud-first world.

To make all this possible, Microsoft has been liaising with African governments in the digital transformation process. One popular social impactful form of technology in Kenya has been the M-KOPA Solar that provides a pay-as-you-go, off –the-grid-solar energy to over 400,000 homes. Using Microsoft Azure, they manage over 10 million mobile transactions per year. Their main agenda is to tackle most of Africa’s social problems using technology so we can have a smooth transition to the digital world.
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