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Egypt; You Never Need to Carry Your Credit/Debit Card with QPAY Ever Again


QPAY, founded by Ömer Kräkiry, is a cloud based secure mobile Wallet app for shoppers.

Make Your Payments using your mobile phone. There is no substitute for the convenience and luxury of making purchases from your mobile phone, “Qpay” is the payment app that converts all of your debit/credit cards image to qr code to be used in payment without the need to carry a card in your wallet. Hence you don’t need to worry about not carrying all your debit/credit cards or the loss of one of your cards.

Qpay Wallet users can purchase goods just by opening the app and presenting an auto-generated qr code to the cashier, who then zaps it with an ordinary qr code scanner in order to complete the transaction.

Some of the features of the QPAY include:
1 providing peace of mind hassle free credit card payments from your mobile phone simply just download the app and start shopping!
2 simply link your existing Credit, Debit and Prepaid payment cards to your “QPAY” Secure Wallet. Cards are stored in a secure and isolated (protected) cloud network.
3 Multi-layer security and multiple encryption technologies ensure that the app is strongly secure.
4 QPAY does not charge any monthly fee to Wallet users, but charges an individual if the number of cards exceeds more than one.