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228 GLOBAL ; A Simple but Secure Mobile Money Payment & Acceptance Platform

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PayOnMobile, anchored on the mobile phone technology with local businesses as target for the economic gains and shared prosperity that mobile money guarantees is 228 Global’s pioneer innovative solution. 228 Global, founded by Adeluwoye Adekunle Oluwatosin, is an IT-focused, business development and support, innovation Startup company established basically to serve as a vehicle for the deployment of innovative client-centric services, with particular focus on mobility provided by the mobile phone technology.

PayOnMobile was conceived with passionate consideration to upscale the usage and acceptance of mobile money taking cognizance of its great potential in providing financial inclusion for the huge number of the unbanked within the society, while also providing viable e-commerce/business growth tools for many MSMEs, who may not be able to access the more sophisticated existing solutions. PayOnMobile seeks to profitably address the identified huge gap that exists for the benefit of all.

Their  value proposition is to enable users enjoy the convenience, ease, and safety that m-payments provides by providing them the platform to shop or access goods and services at their choice local stores, at no extra cost. As well as give small businesses (MSMEs), as well as bigger ones, access to prompt and affordable mobile Fintech solution that not only help them tap into the e-commerce trend but ensure e-payment cost does not break their pocket. And Upscale usage for increase profiting to all stakeholders.

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