How To Use Social Media To Lift Your Business Returns.


Social Media is having a major impact on the way that B2C businesses drive sales during seasonal periods of the year, such as Christmas, New Year and Easter. And the social content that you circulate to your business connections can have a huge impact on sales.   However for you to become a super advertiser and make your product sell there are a number of factors you have to consider. The first step is for you to select the right practices and platforms.

Where does your target audience exist mostly? Is it twitter or Facebook? Instagram, or snapchat? Don’t just jump into trending hashtags with your product ad; guys will never take you seriously. Maximize the impact on your followers by selecting those practices and platforms which suit the core strategy of your business.

Once you realise the platform with a larger portion of your target audience, set up goals on how to use the identified platform to achieve your target. Social platforms are to be used for driving leads to your site and generating e-commerce purchases. Therefore your goals should be in tandem with the size of your company and your content on social media should be well reflected on your company website.

Thirdly, you need to understand the right time to engage your audience. Most people are at work and you don’t expect a large audience to be very active during working hours.

Nonetheless there are specific times, during mid-breaks and afternoons when there is not much to do and people are just roaming online. Instead of jumping into a tending hashtags, start one on your product that is attractive enough.

Simple tips you can weight with your target market.

Know what’s hot. If you can post information that is current and relevant to your niche and most importantly your customer, you’ll give your audience a reason to read your posts on social media and from there visit your website.

Social media is speaking a new language. And the language is one of images, videos and infographics. These types of media are generating excellent engagement numbers for businesses that have made it standard practice to employ them in a pertinent and creative manner.

Embrace change and be in the know. When a social media platform changes its guidelines, you have two options. You can take the change in stride and adapt or give up.

Socially Enable Your Website. Ensure your website can be shared across multiple social channels like Facebook, Twitter and more by the viewers.

People like to buy when they begin to know and trust you and your brand.