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Game of Thrones Season 7: Hundreds of thousands of fans live-streamed ice melting to reveal premier date.

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Internet video streaming has come a long way. Nowadays , people do not have to follow TV scheduling like they used to back in the day.  That form of TV was very inconveniencing, if you weren’t seated in front of the television when your favorite program was being aired, then u would miss the show. Forever. Sure, the same system exist in most households, but at least for today, most shows are on YouTube, you can stream and catch up on what you missed.

One of the most streamed shows of all time, HBO’s Game of thrones, also called a Song of Ice and Fire, just took this new trend to new heights. So season 6 ended a while back, it was a mega hit so much so that people that had never watched the series bought season 1 to 5 just to understand what was the fuss with the epic season 6. Now, fans from all around the world are eagerly waiting for season 7, and the crew behind the show took advantage of this.  In a classic movie production style, the game of thrones team decided to use suspense to reveal the premier date for season 7.

They curved the date on a solid material and had ice melted around it. They then had cameras recording the action and live streaming the ice melting through Facebook Live. Fans of the show were then asked to comment with the word “fire” to have the melting accelerated by a flamethrower. Now, logically, the ice would melt and reveal the date; it was quite a fitting act considering the series comes from a book called “A song of ice and fire”

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Over 100,000 people were tuned in for over one hour of watching ice melting excruciatingly slow. However, the stunt had its fair share of issues, Technical difficulties temporarily stopped the streaming twice.  Some say the two disruptions were to melt the ice faster  behind the scenes. Others on social media especially on Twitter made jokes on what would be revealed when the ice finally melts.

The fire finally won over the ice and the date was shown to be July 16, 2017. In addition, the producers of the series said that the last season (season 8) would be the shortest, only 6 episodes long. All we can do now is hope that the upcoming season 7 will be magnificent as season 6 was.

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