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Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S8 quick hands on, experiencing the future, now

by Dennis Mathu
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After the launch event happened in New York, Samsung Kenya invited us to witness the unveiling at Two Rivers Mall. I took the chance to get a quick hands on with the phone.

First thing I realized was “wow, this thing is really thin”. You see, the phone has a curved display one the front and the back is also curved, the result is very thin edges that come in contact with your hands. Those thin contours give the illusion that the device is super slim and curvy. The glass on the front and back made the device feel like a pebble or an expertly curved marble tile. The phone is also quite light considering how big the display is. You could see the instant awe on people’s faces whenever they held the phone for the first time.


The always on screen feature is still on board, while its active, there is a small rectangular icon at the lower center part of the phone to act as an onscreen home key. It is subtle and blends greatly with the new Grace UI.

Speaking of the UI, it has been redesigned to have square icons with rounded corners corresponding with the corners of the phone’s screen. The interface with very instantaneous to touch and everything I touched just jumped into action.

On to the camera, the viewfinder alone brought in lots of light even before the images are processed. We weren’t allowed to take pictures since the software is still in pre-release stage. Nonetheless, I have great hopes for the Multiframe Processing technology.


Finally, the phone’s elongated screen comes with its own perks, the Infinity Display lets you run two apps at the same time with much more real estate to work with. For instance, when you are on split screen multitasking and you bring up the keyboard on one app; the second app’s content still remains visible. Also, when you open a web browser, you can see more content without having to scroll, this will also be the case with all apps such as Facebook news feed and Instagram.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and it’s big brother the S8+ are truly remarkable and revolutionary phones. Samsung really has a best seller on their hands once again. If you want to own one, you will only need to wait until April 21st for global release and until May for those in Kenya. The prices are set at $750 (KES 75,000) for the Galaxy S8 and $850 (KES 85,000) for the Galaxy S8 plus.

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