Beware! It’s April Fool’s Day. Here is how tech companies pranked us last year.

-Today is April Fool’s Day, that means a lot of pranking will be going on, even from the tech industry. These companies take the time to come up with detailed pranks that would easily fool anyone who isn’t vigilant, they even make professional videos, dedicated websites and even tools to make the prank as believable as possible.

Samsung-Fingers_Header-Image Samsung-Fingers_Gestures-01-684x424

Samsung is a hall of famer when it comes to April Fools jokes. The best in recent memory was their Samsung Fingers release in 2014. It was a smart glove with a flexible screen and smart fingers that let you interact via gestures. The famous “rock on” finger gesture was for making calls whereas crossing your fingers would reject calls. The glove also had a feature called “Talk to the hand” that Samsung described as

When a user is too engaged in a conversation with a person to add a third person into a communication, the user can have the person talk to the Samsung Fingers while the user enjoys ongoing conversation uninterrupted.”


It also had solar charging that required the user to lift their hands up towards the sun to fill up the battery.

Last year, Samsung introduced Galaxy LTD, they had decided that it was time for people to take a break from all the smart technologies of modern phones by launching a feature phone similar to those of the 90’s.

Ce8SQJ8WEAANPUa.jpg large

If you are tired of your phone getting smarter and smarter, the Samsung Galaxy LTD is what you need. It is ergonomically designed to perfectly fit in your hands, both of them” according to the Galaxy LTD advert.

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A minion dropping the mic on Gmail GIF
A minion dropping the mic on Gmail GIF

Google made a “drop the mic” GIF via a special “send” button in Gmail. The prank didn’t go well and was quickly removed after users complained.

silent loo

Apps too join in on the fun, Bathstore, a bathroom products retailer in the UK, came up with an advert for an app called Silent Loo. You know the way some people usually open the bathroom taps to let the sound of running water mask the sound of them doing their bathroom business? Well, the Silent Loo app promised to solve that issue. The app came with built in sounds such as Tap water, Tsunami, Whale and more, this sounds would let you save water while achieving the same result.

Today there will be more pranks, be alert and read between the lines, tech companies can be very convincing, let’s see how many you will fall for today.


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