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​A lady falls off a 730ft bridge while taking a selfie 

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People have gone great lengths to take selfie. Some have even put their lives at risk just to snap a moment. One might think there is an ongoing selfie competition. What these people fail to understand is that great photos are not measured by how risky they were ,but by the creativity behind them. Otherwise if the risk factor was the winning aspect then galleries would be filled with pictures of snakes, rooftops and other fatal stunts. 

Speaking of fatal, a lady in Auburn, Alabama decided to take a selfie at the catwalk of the 730ft Forest Hill Bridge. In the process, she fell down 60ft on a nearby terrain. She was airlifted to Sutter Ville Medical Centre. There was no word on her injuries. 

The Sheriff of that area said that the lady was lucky to be alive.  Had she fallen on the 730ft height, she wouldn’t have survived. The Sheriff also insisted that the bridge catwalk area is a restricted place and anyone caught there is subject to arrest and prosecution. The bridge even contains a sign to emphasize on the same. Despite this, the catwalk has been  notorious for daredevils and trespassers. At some point, there were people jumping from the bridge with parachutes,  others took photos hanging from under it. To curb this issues, the Sheriff has added patrols in the area. 

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We can only remind readers that a bad selfie can be replaced with another but a life once lost is irreplaceable. Don’t get carried away by peer pressure and taking risks with your life. Selfie cameras are getting better each passing day, it has become easy to get great photos without putting your life at risk. 

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