Konga Launches Groceries Shopping Category in Lagos


Nigeria’s largest online shopping mall, Konga has launched Konga Daily, a new category  that seeks to meet every shopper with their daily needs – perishables and non-perishables alike.

Konga Daily provides hygienic foods and daily needs of shoppers as it relieves them the stress of shopping in open markets since they can simply buy fresh foods, fruits, cereals, provisions, detergents and more on the platform –www.konga.com/daily

The platform is built on value offerings that include ease of shopping for customers, comfort, super-fast delivery on all orders,convenience and the supply of all the daily needs of customers in one place thereby simplifying buyers’ decision-making and buying process.

Speaking at the official unveiling, the Chairman, Konga Online Shopping Ltd – Sim Shagaya stated that: “Konga is a child that has grown & blossomed and the results of the past five years has been outstanding. Groceries is the most difficult category to manage as it has to do with the day to day needs of shoppers. This means that shoppers require them to be delivered quickly and in the best condition and for this to work, a robust delivery system must already be in place. While Konga Daily is a logistically challenging project, we are committed to seeing excellent results achieved as our logistics network is one of the best in the country. We are excited to go on this journey with shoppers.”

To further shed light on the launch, the CEO Shola Adekoya said: “Groceries form an integral part of the daily needs of the average Nigerian and our re-entry into this category which incidentally, we started with in 2012 is due to our commitment to adding value to our customers even in the seemingly mundane needs as food.

Our logistics support is tremendous as we have built a logistics infrastructure that will support the delivery of any order placed on the Konga Daily platform within 24 hours. Our payment system – KongaPay also ensures that shoppers get discounts when they choose KongaPay as the payment option.”

On ease of use, he further added that: “Shoppers can even create a shopping list that they can update as they choose. This simplifies the customers’ shopping journeys as they can simply checkout all the products saved to their list at once without having to bother populating it again. With Konga Daily, we are providing best product quality, comfort, convenience and super-fast delivery.”

Konga Daily is currently available in Lagos, and delivery time is within 24 hours.