MISER is a New Technology that will Enable you to Spend Far Less on Fuel


Ducere Holdings (Pty) Ltd was established in March 2004 and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ducere Holdings develops products from the initial conceptualization to final product delivery. Currently, their major project and focus, The MISER Hydraulic Hybrid Transmission System, keeps them involved at the forefront of today’s automotive hybrid technology.

MISER is a new, hydraulic version of hybrid transmission for vehicles that costs less and is more efficient.  MISER offers fuel savings of up to 70%. A fully automatic transmission, it achieves significantly reduced emissions. It is ideal for new vehicle designs but can also be fitted to existing vehicles. MISER covers a wide range of vehicles ranging from passenger vehicles to large earth moving trucks due to the inherent abilities of hydraulics. The system improves electric hybrids.

MISER allows the vehicle to store and reuse kinetic energy which is usually lost as vehicles stop and start. It also allows for engine optimization and fuel efficiency.

The MISER technology fundamentally enables more efficient energy recovery and engine optimization than any competing technology. MISER achieves this by means of the use of a combination of regenerative braking, hydraulics and using gas compression to provide a practically loss free medium for fast storing and release of energy for optimizing engine performance.

The MISER technology has been well proven, with results from tests done with a development vehicle all being successful. Collaboration is continuing with several government and private agencies in more than one market sector. MISER fits  into  the technology  of  the future,  with  developed economies  already  having  put regulations and targets in place for recoverable/green energy.

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