Liquid Gold; a Waterless Urinal Waste System that Saves Huge Amounts of Fresh Drinking Water


Orion Herman, founder of Liquid Gold, enjoyed reading through hundreds of National Geographic yellow boarder magazines. Captured in the beauty and misery of our world yet despondent by the behavior and attitude of society and communities towards our precious resources. He sees himself as a designer that is creating solutions for two of the biggest challenges we face in the world.

With Liquid Gold, he saves clients water and money through a unique water-less urinal waste system. They offer a special process to hygienically collect, store and treat the “liquid Gold” or urine, to obtain a valuable resource for agriculture and reduce the net waste push out by our cities. Ensuring good quality drinking water and discharging less bacteria into rivers and streams.

LiquidGold also provides better hygiene and is far less odorous than conventional urinals.

The water-less urinal, which is a urine-only system, works for both male and female systems in commercial, domestic and portable sanitation as well as public kiosks. The urine diversion system is suitable for both existing and new infrastructure. Using flow simulation, collection tanks are used for liquid waste management. The urine is then crystallized for a natural, slow release and environmental friendly fertilizer.

We flush urine into sewers its fertilizing potential ends up in the wrong places, with severe environmental consequences. But if we collect urine for recycling we can put it on farms where its fertilizer value is beneficial, supporting the agricultural systems we all depend on.

LiquidGold offers a way to save fresh drinking water reduce energy and remove nutrient pollution in our waste water treatment plants that land up in our aquatic systems. The solution enables closing the nutrient cycle on our farms by providing a natural fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements essential to plant growth.

The urinal will save over 150 000 liters of water per year, with no power or flushing required, and little maintenance and cost.

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