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The World’s Best Selling Android phone in Q1 2017 is surprisingly not from Samsung

Year after year we have seen Samsung top android sales charts, sometimes they even take multiples slots in the top 5 best-selling devices. This time round, in Q1 2017 which covers the period between January to March , there’s a new entrant. It is from a company that only serves in a few markets, that alone makes its lead in sales even more incredible.

The Chinese company topped sales in their home country last year but this is the first time they are taking over on the global charts. So drum rolls please…. the leading phone in android sales is none other than the selfie centric Oppo R9S.

The phone’s claim to fame is the 16MP selfie camera, slim attractive metallic body measuring only 6.6 mm and a generous amount of RAM, 4GB. This whole package was being offered at a price lower than competing phones from veteran manufactures. The win may have been aided by the Note 7 debacle that left Samsung with no new high end phone to push during the first 3 months of 2017, otherwise, today’s title would have read very differently.

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Despite not having a flagship, Samsung still managed to grab the second and third spot in android sales with the Galaxy J3 and the J5 respectively. While considering phones from all platforms globally, the iPhone 7 and the 7 plus took the first and second spot in sales. It is expected of them owing to the fact that they were released towards the end of the year and they are still very fresh on shelves globally.

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