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Google announces Android O beta program and Android Go version which runs flawless on phones with less than 1GB RAM

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Google announced that there are currently a whopping 2 Billion active monthly users of Android. After which, they unveiled the Android O Beta Program; this release usually comes a couple of months before the final product launch to let developers have a test run with the android update.

Due to its focus to developers only, this android release is only available to Nexus and Pixel devices namely Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Huawei Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, and Asus Nexus Player. Google cautions non-developers to keep off the update since Beta versions are full of bugs and glitches. Developers are also advised not to install it on their primary device. The whole point of this program is usually to help catch these bugs and to expose the developers to the new features so that they can implement them in their applications. To join the program, just head over to the android beta program website.

Google also announced Android Go, this will be a leaner and lighter version of all android updates starting with O. Go is basically a configuration and not a full-fledged OS, its objective is running on lesser specifications such as 1GB RAM and below, to work in limited network connectivity and utilize small data plans. This configuration was inspired by YouTube Go.

Go versions will have data management being highly prioritized and having a dedicated section in quick settings menu. APIs for GO will be available to service providers  to control data usage as well as developers who will now be able to make their apps Go – compatible by following the guidelines indicated by Google’s Build for Billions project.

Google shows their commitment into the Go configuration by releasing all their apps in Go supported versions meaning that they will work in places with unstable network and on low specifications. Many see this Go version as a more improved Android One program that was introduced a few years back and run on devices such as the Infinix Hot 2. Africa still has a lot of areas with shaky network, we can see the Go devices getting huge success in those markets.

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