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LEAK: Here’s why the One Plus 5’s June 20th launch might spell doom for its parent company. 

First off, let’s lay down the background; One Plus is a young company owned by OPPO. On the other hand, OPPO is owned by BBK, which also owns Vivo. So BBK is the parent company we are referring to in the title above.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Yap, I know what you are thinking

Earlier today, leaked pictures of the upcoming One Plus 5 started floating around the web. You will be forgiven for thinking that picture is a photoshopped image of another popular smartphone. That was until the press render image below appeared and instantly confirmed the design of the leak above. 

Leaked Press render of the One Plus 5

The upcoming One Plus 5 takes very much ‘inspiration’ from the iPhone 7 Plus, especially the dual cameras, antenna design and even the matte black paintjob.

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If these images turn out to be legitimate, then BBK might be in very big trouble. Apple once sued Samsung for copying the icon design of apps from iOS and some gestures such as pinch to zoom. The lawsuit settlement was in the billions of dollars category and it got reopened this year. BBK might be facing the same level of fine and a sales ban if Apple takes note.

Many companies have copied Apple’s design language but have gone unnoticed since they are not big enough to threaten the world renowned iPhone, in BBK’s case, One Plus is making headlines in the tech industry, it sells out in a matter of minutes and that might be reason enough to warrant a closer look from Apple. In fact, One Plus is a self acclaimed flagship killer due to its high end specs and low price tag.

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Speaking of specs, the One Plus 5 is said to pack a 5.5 inch QHD Optic AMOLED screen, the powerful Snapdragon 835, a humongous 6/8GB RAM depending on storage options which range from 64GB to 128GB. The phone will be running on Oxygen OS based on Android 7.1.1. A dual 12MP camera will grace the back while an 8MP shooter will be on the front. Battery will be capped at 3300mAh with Dash fast charge technology.

In Kenya, the One Plus phones can be found at Avechi. It would be unfortunate seeing the sales of this high end phone banned. Let’s hope all will go well on June 20th.

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Dennis Mathu
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