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KiaKia Gas Launches to Be the No. 1 Supplier of Cooking Gas in Nigeria

by Christie Uzebu
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A large number of Nigerian homes depend on cooking gases when it comes to preparing meals. With incessant power failure, they help a lot. But having to go and refill when it finishes becomes a problem, especially for one with a busy schedule.

But KiaKia Gas wants to make refilling our cooking gases less of a problem.

Launched in August 2015 by Uwandu Ifeanyi, Kiakia Gas is Nigeria’s first online store that engages in the refilling and sales of Liquefied Petroleum Gas {LPG} and its related products for homes and businesses

Like all other eCommerce platforms, users simply book for cooking gases by visiting the website and logging in, choosing a cylinder that suits their need, selecting a payment method, and then waiting for their items to be delivered at their doorstep.

The platform also claims to offer free delivery of cooking gas to every home within 45minutes.

According to the founder, “We have developed a telemetry GSM tracking of gas usage based system which tracks consumers usage of gas,detects leakage and automatically orders .This device sends a high priority message to the customer and to us as a company to give notification of a leakage”.

This is new, and high laudable. With millions of Nigerian homes depending on cooking gases, KiaKia gas has a chance to dominate in this uncharted space.


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