VenueHero Wants to Help you Find and Book Event Centres


To attend to the challenges Nigerians face when it comes to looking for events centres that suit their needs, Uche Aniche launched Venuehero.

The platform helps individuals and corporate organisations find and book venues for any type of event. This, according to the founder is to achieve the goal of helping facility owners do more business while helping our clients meet their goals, save their time and money.

Users make their search based on their event type and location. They can also simply search the name of the event centre they want, and book online.

To enable users reach the best decision, events are listed with full details, including sitting capacity and what it’s best suited for. Listing of event venue on the platform is also free fro users.

Venuehero is not the first in the online event booking industry. There’s Ogavenue, which appears to be dominating the industry. Venuehero also has to deal with. We can’t wait to see how the platform intends to take on the events industry and make a name for itself.