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Kennel Pride Want to Help you Provide all your Dog Needs

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Sometimes, paying attention to that non-human member of your family doesn’t just happen. And many times, you outsource the service to someone else for times when you’re away or really busy.

Kennel Pride wants to help you out!

Enioluwa Odunjo launched Kennel Pride in 2016, to help pet owners with all needs for their dogs. From Dog Training, Veterinary Home Service, Vacation Pet-Sitting, Dog Grooming, Pooper-Scooper Cleaning Services, Dog Walking, Daily Feeding and Care, Kennel Construction, Dog Stud Services, etc.

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There is also an online store for dog lovers to buy their favourite species of dogs, and also for pet owners to easy order their dog food from the comfort of their homes.

With Kennel Pride, owning a dog would become less of headache, as you can depend on them to cater for all your dog needs when you’re unavailable.

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According to the founder, “we understand how difficult it can get sometimes taking care of a non-human member of the family. That’s why we offer all the essentials to make sure your special friend is healthy and happy”.

Kennel Pride is bringing veterinary services online, and the idea is highly laudable. This is the first Nigerian startup we’ve seen tread this uncharted area, and we’ll like to see how Nigerians embrace the service.

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