Launches to be Nigeria’s Online Destination for Gift Shopping


Shopping for gifts can be challenging sometimes, especially if you have to shop in a general store that doesn’t exactly give you idea of what items can go as perfect gifts.

But the reverse is the case when you have to shop in an online store dedicated to just gift items. This is why Olaleye Luther Lawoyin launched October 2015.

The platform is an online store gift superstore for seasons, occasions and events, making it easy for individuals and corporate bodies to order branded souvenirs, gifts, corporate gifts and promotional items for different purposes.
Users ordering sovernirs for parties, and events of any type can also customise the party packs/sourvenirs before ordering, and have it delivered.
According to the founder, “We have a network of manufacturers and  suppliers locally and internationally, and we fulfill customer orders using a special drop shipping method”.
Need to shop for gifts for your next event? You should totally try