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TheAdvancer Wants to Allow Nigerians Get Their Salaries in Advance

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For salary earners, before the month ends sometimes, money becomes an issue, as many run broke and unable to meet certain needs till the next paycheck arrives.

But TheAdvancer wants t o change that, and help salary earners get part of their salaries while they await for their next pay.

Launched by Davidson Atere-Roberts in November 2015, the platform is providing a collateral free credit solutions
to Nigerian salary earners, where users can secure assured advances or request project financing.

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According to the founder, “Advancer aims to be the trailblazer in the burgeoning salary advance sector in Nigeria, and bring to the market a fast and efficient solution to temporary cash flow problems for salary earners. Our initial main target audience is the white collar workers and the emerging salary earners.”

TheAdvancer charges a flat rate of 7.5% monthly interest irrespective of how much a user borrow, and promises that there are no hidden fees, or charges/penalties for late payments or delayed salaries.

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To use the services, users who need salary advance or funds to carry out a project simply create an account or sign in with their LinkedIn accounts, fill up the required details and upload scanned copy of National ID, Employee ID and a proof of salary for the last 3 months. Then, await approval decision.

This is a service that many Nigerians would find useful, as there are millions of salary earners looking for something to fall back on during rainy days.

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