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WhatsApp extends its support on Blackberry OS and Nokia S40 series 

by Dennis Mathu
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After the abandoning of Symbian and Blackberry OS by their manufacturers, many applications and services have stopped being supported in those platforms. WhatsApp is one of those applications. Last year on February, the team behind the app announced that come December 2016, the service would end its life on Blackberry OS including its latest 10th version. Fortunately, the end of support date was extended to 30th June 2017.

Today, the company decided to extend the date even further, up to the 31st December 2017. In fact, they even sent a new update to keep things fresh. Part of the improvements in the change log included “changed client end of life to December 2017”.

The same kindness was extended to Nokia S40 phones. They too will continue enjoying WhatsApp until the end of this year. The S60 phones are not so lucky however, their cease of support date remains 30th June 2017.

For those that might be curious about the demise of these platforms, Nokia’s Asha line was the only Symbian product left, however, after the line was sold to Microsoft, it’s production ended in favor of Windows Phone OS which is coincidentally ending too. The Symbian 30+ series and Nokia name were licensed to HMD which is now the company behind the successful Nokia 6 as well as 3, 5 and the new 3310. It is good to note that HMD was formed by veteran employees from the Nokia of olden times. On the other hand, Blackberry OS started by supporting Android Apps but was later abandoned in favor of the thriving Android OS. Now all new Blackberry phones are running Android, and some are being co-manufactured with TCL, the company behind Alcatel. 

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