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Soupamarket Is Allowing Nigerians Order Home-Made Soups and Stews

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Many busy professionals have gotten used to missing home-made food, as they use the little time they have in a day to just eat out.

Soupamarket wants to meet this need.

Founded by Olashile Abayomi, the startup is an online catering service and food delivery platform that has an aim to provide solutions to the needs of busy people and people who generally love homemade Nigerian Soups and Stews but are restricted due time constraints.

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On the platform are a wide range of Nigerian soups covering various tribes. Through the Soupamarket web platform and mobile app available on Google Playstore, users are able to order pots of stews and soups of any Nigerian tribe for both personal and event use, and have it delivered to their doorsteps.

According the founder, Soupamarket’s vision is to ensure no one is denied the opportunity to experience the happiness abound in Nigerian Delicacies.

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“Soupamarket provides you with delicious pots of soup at affordable prices, delivered right to your doorstep.”

Soupamarket is meeting a real need, as a lot of busy professionals abound, ready to do what it takes to have their kitchen filled with home-made delicacies. Although there are a number of food delivery platform that can pose as potential competitors, Soupamarket has created a niche to address the home need of busy professionals who are seeking not just something to eat during their busy day, but something to fill their pots at home.

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