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iFix Launches to Connect Corporate Organisations with Handymen

by Christie Uzebu
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For corporate organisations looking to hire experienced professionals to be part of the company team, handling business runs and meeting the needs of clients, they turn to HR personnels/job boards. But when it comes to hiring the services of handymen/artisans to help with little tasks around the office, it’s usually more challenging. Many of them do not use the Internet, are unaware of opportunities for them within organisations.

But that has just become a thing of the past because with the launch of iFix, organisations looking to hire handymen now have a dedicated platform they can turn to.

iFix is an online handyman/workman recruitment company providing handyman/workman recruitment services for corporate firms and engineering outfits, and they claim to be disrupting the blue collar sector.

According to the iFix team, the platform exists to address such needs and requirements of firms from handymen/workmen. “We actively deploy effective strategies when we recruit on behalf of our clients; we practically roll up our sleeves and lead every process from; being enrolled on our platform, to info provided being verified, to our trainings and orientation exercises.”

The team claims to carry out background check and rigorous levels of scrutiny before a handyman becomes eligible to receive jobs. To hire the services of handymen, users simply select the day and time they’d like a professional to show up, then the appointment is confirmed by the iFix team, and a professional handyman is deployed for the job.

With more and more startups providing solutions for handymen and artisans, the blue collar sector would in no time be transformed, and cease to be jobs roles looked down upon and left for the lower class.

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