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RubiQube is Providing a Reward – Based Advertising Platform

by Christie Uzebu
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RubiQube is a reward – based online advertising platform that drives engagement and monetization opportunities for publishers, while delivering rewards to their end users and providing advertisers with highly engaged mobile customers. Reward based advertising involves rewarding end users for interacting and engaging with advertisements.

According to the team, currently, advertising platforms offer publishers ads that

Founded by Mahmood Oyewo, the platform gives developers/ publishers the tools and insights to optimize their customer experience, offers publishers a strong revenue stream through reward based ads and ensures true user engagement with advertisement and Increase brand recall through guaranteed interaction.
RubiQube works by gettinging all advert campaigns from willing Advertisers, analyzing the ads and ranking them based on its proprietary ad ranking algorithm. It then targets platforms and appropriate users by ensuring true engagement and reward users on completion of incentivized action on delivered ads.
RubiQube sure has a chance to dominate the advertising space with its unique solution where everybody wins.

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