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Shuttlers Launches to Ease Commuting in Lagos

by Christie Uzebu
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Shuttlers is a a multi-staff bus company launched to enable Lagos-based professionals access to comfortable and efficient transport system to and from work using a seat-matching technology. This is in a bid to help reduce the daily challenge Lagosians go through when they commute to and from work.

With Shuttlers app, professionals can book a seat on preferred route, pay for seat and track the location of their preferred mode of transportation, and receive push notifications on information relating to the service such as arrival and departure times.

Shuttlers’ vision is to enable professionals in metropolitan cities across Africa access stress-free, comfortable and affordable Transport system for their daily commute needs.

They also aim to improve the quality of life of professionals by transforming the daily commute time to a relaxing and comfortable time where they can read, snooze, or continue work. This is being made possible through Shuttlers buses and mini-vans that are air-conditioned and wifi-fitted and drivers that are said to be professionally trained, cautious and courteous.


Using the platform is simple. Visit the Shuttler web platform, enter your home and work addresses; then book a seat on preferred route, pay for seat and track the location. Shuttlers currently operates 3 packages: One-way route, Standard and Premium.

Looking to escape the stress of queuing for BRTs every morning and evening, rushing to board a bus or the inconvenience that comes with public buses in Lagos? You should try Shuttlers.

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