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Swiftkey Keyboard finally gets GIFs and much more in new update

GIFs have become the trend in social networks these days. Some people have resulted to using them to express their emotions during chats, a task that was previously handled by emojis. Fun fact: GIFs were created in 1987, this makes them older than most people who use them today despite that, users want them and that is why developers are busy adapting them in their modern platforms.

Swiftkey, the popular keyboard app, has decided to integrate GIFs in their latest update. The feature is accessible from the Emoji section. You will find categories with different GIFs to represent a certain emotion; the categories range from happy, sad, angry, bored and much more. If you were not a fan of GIFs, you will have a bad time on social media since Swiftkey has half-a-billion installs and counting, hopefully not all of them will use the feature (I personally can’t wait to spread them all over).

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In addition to GIFs, the update also brings transliteration; this is where words are transcribed into corresponding letters of another language’s alphabet, for instance, from Russia alphabet to English. The support was already available but the update brings in new languages such as Bangla, Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Lastly, those who use hardware keyboards that are connected to their android devices via Bluetooth will be happy to know that Swiftkey will support the typing shortcuts. In addition, the usual fixing of bugs and glitches is also part of the update.

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Head over to the Google Playstore and get the new update while it’s still hot, it will be rolled out gradually to all users, so don’t panic if it hasn’t come your way.

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