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Unigram Will Help You Discover Your Desired University in Africa

Unigram, founded by Akinbola Asalu is a university and lecturer rating platform that lets users sign up anonymously and rate their lecturers and universities they attend.The platform is designed to help prospective undergraduates know which particular university to attend that would help them grow in knowledge and in other aspects of life.

Through this platform it is hoped that unigram can create accountability for Nigerian universities, by alerting potential students about any activities taking place in the school, in particular any corrupt ones. Corruption has slowly, but steadily permeated the university system in Nigeria. As a result, corrupt practices of diverse forms are now perpetrated by university lecturers.  This negligent and deterrent behavior is thought to be responsible for the decline in student’s grade; especially in federal and state-owned universities.

By helping students, parents and faculty make informed decision, Unigram is hoping that they can promote transparency in the Nigerian university system.

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Unigram is currently available in 53 African countries, and is Africa’s largest website for lecturer and university ratings. The site includes over 2000 schools, 14,000 lecturers, and over 6,000 ratings.

The platform allows past and present students to signup anonymously and rate and comment on their university and lecturers.

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University ratings are based on facilities, accommodation, security, a school’s quality of education research, and innovation. For lecturers, ratings are based on attendance, quality of teaching, student engagement/communication, teaching methods, and knowledge of the curriculum. Users who cannot find lecturers on the website can manually add them thereto.

Founder of Unigram Akin Asalu, decided to create the platform when he got back from Canada after finishing his first Bachelor of Science and decided to pursue another one, but could not find a platform that would help him decide which university would suit him or any crowd-sourced information about any particular university.

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He also had a problem with lecturers while in university, not knowing how to interact with them to get good grades. So a platform where students could let prospective students know about the school and lecturers was what he wanted to create.

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