Spiricoco Launches To Allow Nigerians Buy Gospel Content and Event Tickets Online


When it comes to spirituality, Nigeria is arguably one of the countries with the largest number of highly spiritual people. Christian-focused Facebook groups, gospel events depict this, as they usually attract large number of people. Nathaniel Bassey’s #HalleluyahChallenge further brought this fact to light.

The team behind Spiricoco have decided to take advantage of this by bringing gospel content and Christian event tickets in one place.

Spiricoco is a marketplace where Nigerians can buy their favourite gospel music, spoken words, sermon and event tickets. Through the platform, gospel artists, churches and events can also monetize their content.

Launched by Ekemini Akpan in November 2016, with Tolu Akintan and Mandu Udom as co-founders, the platform can be described as a one-stop platform for everything gospel.

According to the team, Spiricoco is “designed to bring you digital gospel growth content from Nigeria, Africa, to the rest of the world.” They also revealed that there is an affiliate program for the stakeholders in the sector to partner with them, to further push gospel content.

The Spiricoco team are not doubt really creative with their new venture. From the choice of name –Spiricoco- a term which is familiar to the average Nigerian, usually used to describe a person that’s overly spiritual, to the niche they’ve chosen for themselves, they just might be opening the eyes of many to the opportunities available in the sector.