is Connecting Nigerians to Professional Photographers


The business of photography in Nigeria has grown over the years. A little search on Instagram would reveal that a lot of people have turned into photographers. With a lot of people in the business, it in turn gives event organisers a hard time deciding who would be the best man for the job.

But wants to take away that stress, as they’ve launched to connect you directly with photographers and videographer. is the first ever platform that connects you to both professional, affordable photographers and videographers around your locality.

To use the platform, users select the date and time they’d like the photographer or videographer to show up, then the team confirms appointment and payment is done electronically or physically.

After an online booking that takes about 60seconds, an experienced, fully-equipped photographer/videographer shows up for the event, at the agreed time. The team also claims to provide affordable services that won’t break the bank.

With being the only startup currently providing this service, making it easy for Nigerians to order the services of photographers and videographers without having to search, and the fact that photography is one service that has increased in demand over the years, the platform definitely has the potential to thrive and dominate the space in no time.