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Samsung may launch a 4GB RAM variant of the Galaxy Note 8. See details

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It isn’t 24 hours yet since Samsung took the veil off the long-awaited Galaxy Note 8 and there’s already new information as regards the device. Yes, seems the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may have a kid brother (or sister?…shrugs whichever) real soon.

Before the device launched, there were various rumours, specifications, renders, schematics, and leaks of the Samsung flagship phablet (as is of all other upcoming smartphones) and quite a handful seem to be wrong.

Fo example, Samsung was supposedly meant to announce three storage variant of the Galaxy Note 8. Well, that was according to some rumours. When reality struck yesterday, only one version was unveiled – the version with 6 GB of RAM and 128 on-board storage.

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Now that the Galaxy Note 8 have been unveiled and specs announced, some rumours are still flowing in.

A Chinese website, ITHome have new information as regards the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. A post on the website reveals that come September 12, Samsung will launch another version of the Note 8 which will come with 4 GB RAM. That’s right, a 4GB RAM Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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Asides the difference in RAM size, both the standard version of the Note 8 with 6GB RAM and the (supposedly) upcoming 4GB RAM version have all other specs in common.

Price wise, the upcoming 4GB RAM Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be cheaper and very much affordable when compared to the standard 6GB version; even though we have no idea how much it costs yet. Samsung have held unto to the money part of the Note 8 for purposes best known to them.

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So far, Samsung have said nothing relating to a 4GB version of the Note, Chinese regulatory authority, TENAA have also once featured a 4GB Note 8 on their platform.

On our part, we expect the 4GB Note 8 phablets to come with 64GB of internal storage space, a smaller 6.0 inch AMOLED screen, Android v7.1.1 Nougat OS, little less battery pack (3,000mAh), equal camera quality as the Galaxy Note 8, no stylus S-Pen, and wireless charging.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to retail at a price slightly below the $1,000 mark and the 4GB RAM version, between $800 and $850.

If in the end Samsung releases the rumoured Note 8 with 4GB, it shows that the mobile company won’t stop at anything to push the Galaxy Note 8 to the level of wide acceptance. The more people can afford the Note 8, the more they buy, the more they see the Note 8 as a pretty awesome device, the easier people forget about the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Anyone else thinks that’s impossible? Well, I do. The internet never forgets.

Back to the story, what do you think of this info from ITHome? Do you think it’s to early to have a 4GB RAM Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when majority have not had a feel of the standard Note 8? 

Left to me, I think 4GB of RAM is kind of small for the flagship Galaxy Note 8. However, since there’s “cheap” in the equation, I’m beginning to have a rethink.

What are your thoughts?

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