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Our mission is to make it easy for people to eat healthy – Nwosu Friday, Founder YesHarvest

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Everyone loves fruits and veggies right? But not everyone can get great ones delivered to their doorsteps. Well, YesHarvest has come to close that gap. This Agritech startup, founded by Nwosu Friday delivers fruits and vegetables to consumers upon order. Their mission, simply put, is to let people eat healthy.

TechMoran chats with the founder as he shares what prompted the birth of YesHarvest, growth rate, funding, competitors and many other things about his Startup. Enjoy.

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Friday Nwosu, founder YesHarvest

Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses of TechMoran: Many people creates startups out of a problem they encounter. Did you encounter problems sourcing for good fruits and vegetables?

Nwosu Friday: Yes. Had challenges finding fruits that are not stale

D.A: What was the rationale behind focusing on only fruits and vegetables? Why not a wider range of products?

Our mission is to make it easy for people to eat healthy, hence the focus on fresh fruits and veggies.

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D.A: How well has YesHarvest grown since launch? Would you say you have made very significant progress?

Sure, YesHarvest has done very well since launching. We have amazing customers who are always proud and happy to tell their friends about us

D.A: How has funding been like with the startup? Have you had investments or you underwent a total bootstrap

We are bootstrapping

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D.A: How exactly have you been able to outsmart competitors? What are your selling points?

Our selling point is our impeccable customer service. Once you try out Yesharvest, you are hooked forever.

YesHarvest logo

D.A: Tell us about the team behind YesHarvest. How much impact have they had on the startup?

We have an incredible team ranging from Software Developers to Customer Service

D.A: How many cities can you deliver fruits and vegetables to presently?

At the moment, we are only available in Lagos. Expansion to other cities is in view

D.A: Your products are perishable, no doubt. Has this been a major challenge?

Perishability of our product is not an issue, we do not stock fruits and vegetables. We only order based on subscription.

D.A: Do you cultivate these products yourself, or you lease with Farmers who supply you?

We get supplied by local farmers

D.A: Going forward to the next five years, how big do you see YesHarvest?

In five years time, we want to make it easy and affordable for everyone to eat healthy.

D.A: What is your take on the tech startup industry in Nigeria? Particularly the Agritech, which you are involved in?

Tech is evolving in Nigeria, including the Agritech sector.

D.A: What is your philosophy towards work as founder of YesHarvest?

You have to live what you are doing.

D.A: A piece of advice for upcoming tech startup founders out there?

My advice to startup founders is, plant your seed, water it and believe. It’s God that gives the increase.


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