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Infinix may be killing the Infinix Smart X5010 with the Hot 5 Lite

Two days ago, fast growing smartphone brand, Infinix Mobility with its focus on the African market released two new devices as new entrants into the Kenyan smartphone market. In fact, three (the Infinix Note 4 Pro inclusive). The devices were released into the Kenyan market at a very juicy and attractive price tag that will surely see the devices (particularly the Hot 5 and Hot 5 Lite) purchased by quite high number on smartphone lovers.

One thing that is to be appreciated about the Infinix brand seem to be the company’s consistency in releasing smartphones year in, year out. And of more appreciation is that each of the individual devices released always have one unique thing they provide to users. But Infinix recently released smartphones have got me wondering – Is Infinix doing it wrong now? Stay with me…

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The Infinix Smart X5010 was released July 2017, just last month. The highlight of the Infinix Smart smartphone was the possession of dual loudspeaker at the front with Dirac stereo widening technology. Also the low price tag was another enticing feature. Apparently, the Infinix Smart was entertainment focused as the company asserted that it would give a cinema-like experience when watching movies.

Infinix Smart X5010

Then came the Infinix Hot 5 and Hot 5 lite from the Hot series with similar (and better) specifications to the Infinix Smart barely a month.

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In this article, we highlighted the similarities and differences of the Infinix Smart and Infinix Hot 5 and it can be deduced from the article that the Infinix Hot 5 is no mate of the Infinix Smart. The Infinix Hot 5 costs Ksh. 10,200 while the Infinix Smart, Ksh. 7,999. Clearly, the seniority of the Hot 5 is justified in the price.

Now to the Infinix Hot 5 Lite, it possess the same processor, dual speaker with 3D sound widening technology, and equal 8 MP primary camera as the Infinix Smart.

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Infinix Hot 5 Lite

To the differentiating factors, the Hot 5 Lite has bigger screen (5.5 inch), better secondary/ selfie camera (5 MP) with soft flash compared to the Smart’s 2 MP and bigger battery (4,000 mAh) – Infinix Smart comes with 3,000 mAh battery.

Now despite this clear distinctions, the Infinix Smart retails at Ksh. 7,999 (roughly Ksh. 8,000) and the Hot 5 Lite costs only Ksh. 8,399 – a meagre Ksh. 399 difference. Speaking from a buyers point of purchasing view, I can boldly say that if I walk into a smartphone store and I spot these devices placed side by side with their specs sheets, and given the price difference, I’d purchase the Infinix Hot 5 Lite over the Infinix Smart X5010 today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Point is, if Infinix is after the success of the Infinix Smart in terms of sales, they either reduce the price of the Infinix Smart, or raise that of the Hot 5 Lite.

If the prices of these devices are left the same, Infinix may be killing the Infinix Smart X5010 with the Infinix Hot 5 Lite. Talk about stabbing yourself with your own dagger.

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