Things to know about Airtel’s Unlimited data plans in Nigeria


As sweet, fun and exciting as getting on the internet is, the part where you have to purchase a data plan is what makes it kind of uncool. Get on the internet this minute, the next minute and beyond, you do not want to leave.

Myself and a billion others just want to use the internet without restrictions – surf as much as we can and want, download unlimited contents, stream our favourite movies and do other stuff. Sadly, all these requires data – which is quite expensive and somehow always have a short life span.

Apparently, Airtel understands the above needs of internet users, hence the creation of a data plan that satisfies these needs.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plan was launched in Nigeria last month and has gained attractive attention so far. Here are things you should know about Airtel’ Unlimited Data Plan


The new unlimited internet plan from Airtel comes in three types (or should I say categories). There are three (3) types and they are so grouped on the basis of price in Naira. These are

  1. Airtel Unlimited Plan For N10,000
  2. Airtel Unlimited Plan For N15,000
  3. Airtel Unlimited Plan For N20,000


The unlimited data plan from Airtel can be shared among several other Airtel number and devices.


Airtel have made it know that while the data plans are truly unlimited, fair usage policy applies at set limit. And if these limit (s) is/are exceeded. The speed of your connection throttles to a certain level as based on your internet plan. See throttling speed level below;

N10,000 plan: 40 GB fair usage policy. Speed throttles to as low as 256 kb/s when exceeded.

N15,000 plan: 60 GB fair usage policy. Speed throttles to as low as 256 kb/s when exceeded.

N20,000 plan: 100 GB fair usage policy. Speed throttles to as low as 256 kb/s when exceeded.


For all the three unlimited plans, Airtel sets a validity period of 30 days.


To activate any of the unlimited internet plan on your Airtel SIM, ensure you have the stipulated amount for whichever plan you intend subscribing to and dial the activation codes below;

For N10,000 unlimited plan, dial *462 * 10#

For N15,000 unlimited plan, dial *462 * 15#

For N20,000 unlimited plan, dial *462 * 20#

There’s more. Subscribers of the N20,000 unlimited plan (which has a 100GB fair usage policy) get a free Airtel Mi-fi device as a bonus.

Lastly, it is also noteworthy to state that Data rollover do not apply for any of the unlimited plans.

What is your take on these unlimited plans from Airtel? Fair enough? What about the usage policies? Good? Let’s hear you.