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See how you can guard your Facebook account from Hackers

Facebook accounts are the most hacked and most pried social network accounts on the internet… and it is definitely not up for debate.

Reasons for the prevalence in attack rate of Facebook accounts; I do not know but my best guess is it is somewhere between Facebook lacking essential security system or “Facebookers” carelessness with their accounts and account credentials. However, hackers’ preference towards hacking accounts on Facebook is not far-fetched. The site’s colossal population and diversity of users is a definitely an alluring factor that positions the number one social network in the world a hacker’s landing.

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If a survey is carried out, in 10 Facebook users, at least one would have (one time or more) had an experience of a hacked account. Several FB users have had their accounts deleted by hackers, numerous cases of stolen credit card details have also been reported, and countless nefarious activities of various forms.

You definitely do not want to be a victim of a hacked Facebook account (again), hence the need to stay protected and vigilant. The following ways by which you can guard your Facebook account and stay protected (to a very reasonable and safe extent).

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1. Create a strong password

In any world, the first step to prevent any account from unauthorized access is creating a strong password or pass code (as some would call it). Same thing applies to your Facebook account.

Try as much as possible to create a password that doesn’t in any way relate to you or even your relations. Want a safe account? Then change your password from your dog’s name, daughter’s name, middle name or whatever predictable password you currently have on your account to something more random and far from predictability.

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To further spicen up security, you can make your password alphanumeric by adding a combination of numbers/numerals.

2. Activate Two-step verification

After creating a strong password, the best next thing to do is activate Two-step verification. This way, Facebook sends you a text on your registered mobile number every time you try to log into your account. The text contains a special combination of digits which gives you access to your account when provided.

This way, hackers can no longer have access to your account even if they have your password.

3. Activate HTTPS connection

Surfing on HTTPS protocol is a way of securely exchanging information between your computer and the site server.

Activate HTTPS connection mode on your Facebook account to surf your Timeline in a more protected way. See how to activate HTTPS connection below:

  • When logged into your Facebook account, navigate to “Account Settings
  • Afterwards, select “Account Security
  • Check the box that says “Browse Facebook on a secure connection”.

4. Stay away from Spam links

Whenever you are scrolling through your Facebook timeline or messages in your Inbox, ensure links you click on are authentic and redirect you to trusted websites.

Avoid clicking “strange” links. There are links that could redirect you to another website where your Facebook username and password can be stolen.

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