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Indego Africa helps African artisan women sell their products online

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You want to purchase products that are designed in New York City and handmade in Africa, which also combines traditional techniques, local materials and amazing artisanal skill, you should try Indego Africa. But that’s not all.

Indego Africa works with women in Africa to sell their products. Their aim is to uplift these artisan women out of poverty and empower them with employment opportunities and education.

Employment opportunities in terms of the sales the recipients make from selling their products to them, and education such that all their profits are reinvested into education programs for the artisans who handcraft their products. Their courses range from leadership and entrepreneurship to financial and business management to skills-based vocational training & more.

These women, with the right funds and training, could turn out to become very great business persons. So i think Indego Africa is actually leveraging technology to make a very great impact on Africa. Presently, they work with over 1000 women already.

In a case where you want to make an impact such as this, you could donate to Indego Africa too and be sure that your funds would also be diverted into educating and uplifting the artisan women in Africa. You can checkout Indego Africa’s shop here.

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