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How to see the password of all the WiFi networks on your Android smartphone

by Olanrewaju Sodiq
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Ever been in an annoying situation where something happens and the WiFi network(s) you previously connected on your mobile to doesn’t go through anymore hence the need to reconnect. Like that isn’t annoying enough, you don’t seem to remember the password to the network. Now that’s more annoying.

Another scenario is when a friend requests for the password of the WiFi network you are connected to and you tell him you don’t know (which is true actually) but he doesn’t believe you. Save yourself the hassles and stress of wracking your brain to remember the password to previously connected WiFi networks on your Android phone using the trick below;

1. Download the “WiFi Key View” app

First off, download and install the “WiFi Key View” application from the Google Play Store.

NOTE: To enjoy the full functionalities of the Wifi Key View app, you must first root your smartphone or ensure your smart phone is rooted.

2. Grant the app necessary permission

After installation, the root app will display a prompt asking if you want to allow or deny the WiFi Key View app root access.

Click Allow to grant the app root access as it is needed to seeing your WiFi networks passwords.

Basically, the app requires root access so it can obtain the list of network names and their respective password from the location where it is being saved in your device.

4. Launch the WiFi Key View app

Launch the WiFi Key View application and on the app dashboard, it automatically displays all WiFi networks you have connected to in the past with the network names on top and the password below.

If you have a really long list of networks, simply scroll upwards or downwards to see full list of all networks and their respective passwords.

Also, at the top right corner of the app, you can simply do a network search if you have numerous networks on your list or if you remember the name of the WiFi network you seek its password. This is easier and faster in my opinion.

Other tips:

  • On the app dashboard, hold any WiFi network and a pop up menu appears.

  • From the pop up menu, click either of the first two options to copy the network’s password to your clipboard.
  • Click the third option to create a bar code for the password
  • And the last option allows you share the password to your friends via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, email, and many other platforms.

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