6 Wireless Chargers Without Cables That Are So Cool

You may be wondering which phone charges with a wireless charger and I am here to tell you that this is for high-end smartphones. The feature is actually on many phones but not many people are aware of it. This new feature has become incredibly convenient and can be added to iPhones and non compatible phones. So in actual sense all all smartphones can use a wireless universal cable charger and if you think of getting one there are few great ones you need to think of buying.

There are two widely-accepted wireless charging standards for mobile devices out today: Qi and PMA.

1. Anker fast charging pad

So apparently this fast charging pad can charge your phone up to twice as fast as similarly-priced competitors. The device has lights that show you your phone’s charging status and as well as built-in safety features to protect against overheating and power surges.

2. Samsung convertible wireless stand

This stand was launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ it can transform from a stand to a horizontal charging pad.The best thing about it is its multiple charging coils and built-in-fan that will keep your smartphone cool.


A wireless charger that can also simultaneously charge other smartphones is perhaps exactly what you need. It has cool features that looks great and is available with one charging pad.

4. Korma wireless charging pad

The Korma has a very attractive design,is inexpensive and is compatible with all new smartphones.


It has three coils and a 45-degree desktop stand functionality. With this charger you can charge your smartphone in portrait or landscape mode.

6. Samsung fast charge wireless charging stand

This wireless charger also happens to be a convenient desktop stand and is one of the fastest wireless chargers so you can save some time.