ErrandDriverr launches in Nigeria to assist users run errands


There are 24 hours in a single day. Do you work that you barely have an hour to rest? Or to take credit of your home? Are you the kind that have the 9 – 5 job? Does your job require you to work into exhaustion that you barely have the energy or time for other things? Oh! Wait. Are you the kind that tries as much as possible to stay away from stress or any strenuous activities? Or do you have separate persons handling your laundry, house maintenance, grocery shopping, and delivery services? What if I told you there is a single company that can handle all these numerous tasks for you while you focus on something else – maybe work or travel.

Well, ErrandDriverr have put together a group of like-minded individuals, dedicating their time and expertise to providing solutions to all your errand needs.

Errand Driver is a newly established start-up in Nigeria that run all kinds of errands ranging from Grocery shopping, Delivery services, House cleaning, General shopping, Home maintenance, Car maintenance, Installations, Handyman services, Food delivery, Plumbing and more.


Car Maintenance – an ErrandDriverr errand runner fixing a customer’s car.

The Errand Driver team consists of committed, well-trained and vetted individuals (referred to as Errands runners) who have been subjected to strict background, mental and professional capacity checks.

ErrandDriverr – Food delivery service

The errand runners according to the company are highly responsible, intelligent and self-driven. The company further assures that customers can count on them and be sure of the ability of any errand runner assigned to handle their requested errands or task as they have been properly trained, trustworthy and well-behaved.


House maintenance – a lady errand driver cleaning a customer’s kitchen

Booking an errand runner for any tasks or services you need them to run on your behalf is quite easy.

  • To book an errand runner, you first off place a call to the number on the company’s website ( to make your request
  • Details of your errand(s) will be collected by the customer service representative.
  • Your request is valued and processed after which you will be presented the cost of the errand.
  • If satisfied with stipulated errand cost, you proceed to make payments and immediately, a qualified errand runner is dispatched to execute your requested task(s) in the shortest time possible.


Although a Nigerian start-up, the operations and activities of the Errand running company is currently limited to Kwara state only. Definitely, there would be expansion to other states in the region but we have no information as to when or how soon that’s happening.

To learn more about ErrandDriverr, visit the official website,