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LG V30 vs KShs 5,000,000 RED Camera video comparison

by Dennis Mathu
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The LG V30 has the brightest camera aperture size in the World of smartphones. The company wants to prove how capable this dual camera is, especially when assisted by the slew of features they baked in. In a bid to achieve this objective, LG gave the phone to the David Franco Director of Photography of HBO’s hit shows like Game of Thrones and Westworld, he came out impressed. As if that wasn’t enough, they went ahead and pulled another stunt.

Shot on LG V30, where the scene takes place

This time round, LG went with a popular YouTuber called Parker Walbeck, the plan was to recreate a scene from a movie called ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.’ It involves speeding with skateboard on a curvy downhill road in a scenic location. The camera that was competing against the LG V30 was RED Weapon, it cost $50,000 (KShs 5,000,000) and is used in shooting movie scenes and high end music videos. Check below to see it went down.

The YouTuber praises the LG V30 Cine Log, a feature that allows footage to be edited in Adobe Premiere Pro in a manner comparable to professional videos shot in big budget films.

These camera ability plus the high end specs, Quad DAC and full screen curved OLED have put LG V30 in a level that can give the Galaxy Note 8 a run for its money.

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