Features that changed the way we use smartphones {Part 2}


Picking up from where we paused on “Features that changed the way we use smartphones“, this sequel aims to highlight more features that have been introduced into our smartphones and how it has changed the ways we use our devices.

Quick Charge Technology

This feature and what it does is simple and direct. As the existence and usage of smartphone lengthened, the battery capacity was no longer sufficient and satisfying for daily usage. Smartphone users clamoured for more and verily, several OEMs responded to the distress call and provided users with large battery capacity in the region of 4,000 mAh to 10,000 mAh. However, these batteries took time to charge and the need for Quick charge feature became necessary.

The introduction of the Quick charge feature has led to more confident usage of smartphone as users no longer have to carry their chargers all about. Likewise, the quick charge feature have reduced (or should I say “eliminated”) the need for a power bank. Knowing that devices would charge up in no time, this has given users the liberty to use their smartphones freely and confidently either for play, for work or in regions with poor and inadequate power supply.

Face ID

The ability of smartphone to recognize a particular owner or user of a smartphone by facial properties has given the smartphone a more “human” feel. I compare this to how a mother or a father recognize third siblings, or how you differentiate Jack from Jill when you see them. The Face ID feature of smartphones have also brought more confidence to the average smartphone users as regards data security. The iPhone X is one of the latest device to come with the feature and like the fingerprint touch ID, the Face ID feature can also be used as a confirmation gateway when making purchases on some platforms.

Split-screen or multi-window

Although these two features isn’t something new to some Samsung users, it is however new to some Android Smartphone users entirely.

The split screen feature is inherent to the Android Nougat operating system and it has brought multitasking to a whole new dimension. Running two applications at a time is really cool and like other above-mentioned features, have revolutionized how we use our smartphones in this era compared to the past.